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Key Metrics in Real-Time

Cronimon Dashboards increase revenue by sharpening your operational awareness
Cronimon allows you to easily track important metrics about your business or website. These can be conversion statistics, production numbers or marketing success indicators. No matter what you track with Cronimon: it is simple to use and allows you to access your information any time.
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We let you see the results of your actions
Cronimon visualizes your Key Metrics the second they change. Your personal Dashboard shows trends and relationships between your Metrics.
React in Seconds
Performance driven businesses have many variables to monitor. Our Real-Time notifications let you work without worrying about missing important changes.
Consolidate Key Metrics in one place
Years of growth in IT-Departmens lead to a collection of data sources. Gather your Key Metrics in one place with Cronimon where you can easily access and compare them.
Streamline your operational processes
Streamlining the tasks and processes you carry out each day is an efficient way to boost your productivity. We let you spend more time on decision-making and less time on controlling.

Users about Cronimon

I love Cronimon because it lets me stay on top of my business from anywhere in the world. It´s easy and shows me what I need to know, when I need to know. Cronimon gives me up to date Conversion-Rates, System Usage and Competitor tracking at a glance.
- Bastian Karweg, CEO Mobile Advertising GmbH is a social bookmarking website and uses Cronimon to visualize User-Registrations and Client page loading duration.

Emogames is a gaming network and uses Cronimon to visualize ingame Ressource prices to its players.